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Maximize Your Open Positions’ Visibility with Job Site Wraps


Job site wraps let you post jobs quickly and easily, saving time and effort

What Are Job Wraps?
Job wraps allow our platform to automatically obtain job postings from your career website and distribute them to our networks. We scan your career site and look for new postings each day. When a job posting is no longer on your site, our platform will stop the job distribution.

Your jobs will be posted on the job networks you select, saving time and eliminating the potential for duplicate postings.

Job Wraps Provide You Valuable Information
When you use our job wraps, our platform will automatically add UTM codes when referring job seekers to your Applicant Tracking System or career page, providing you information on source, job title and job order ID.

Make Job Wrapping Part of Your Recruitment Strategy
Job wraps are especially useful when you have regular job postings, and want to save your recruiters’ time in determining which job sites or aggregators to use. New open positions will be automatically distributed to our networks, allowing you to get the best visibility each time.

Many employers like job site wraps because they streamline the posting process. Your jobs automatically get wide distribution and obsolete jobs are removed. Plus you’re able to see which job sites or aggregators are driving job seekers to your online application.

Let’s Get Started
Setting up job site wraps is easy. Just contact your advertising sales representative, who will set the job wrap.

You’ll provide basic information like your job site url, and which job networks you’d like to use. If you choose, you can also specify search criteria so that we only job wrap certain job types. For example, you may want to wrap sales jobs, but not engineering jobs. Or you may wish to wrap jobs for a certain location, such as Orlando, FL, or Seattle, WA. In that case, just let us know what search parameters to include.

Questions? We’re here to help. Contact your advertising sales representative to help you with job site wraps.